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Northern Warfare Challenge Team Description

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Northern Warfare Challenge is a 18-mile ruck march up the bluffs surrounding LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Each year the Gopher Battalion sends 2 teams of 5 cadets to compete in the competition. This challenge has been deemed "The Hardest Race in ROTC", and it's for obvious reasons. Competitors come from across the country, in teams of five in order to transverse the Bluffs of La Crosse, WI. 

The competition doubles as both a skill and physical challenges as it takes the willing Cadets through 18 miles of snow covered trails with bitterly freezing winds. The trail covers over 3500 feet of elevation with six stations to test various abilities before finishing on top of Grandad's Bluff. Those that have competed in Northern Warfare Challenge have stated that their mental state was also tested as they had to push through their comfort zone in order to complete the grueling race. Upon completion, Cadets have a better understanding of winter survival skills as well as a new level of physical and understanding of themselves. The winning school takes home an event streamer, the travelling trophy, and year long bragging rights.