SSG Weston DeBoer

On Campus Recruiter

Staff Sergeant Weston DeBoer is originally from Lyle, MN, and enlisted into the Minnesota Army National Guard in 2010 as an Air Traffic Controller. He completed his Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training as Distinguished Honor Graduate. He was selected amongst his peers to attend Airborne school in 2012. He joined his father, Dwight DeBoer, and his grandfather, Kenneth DeBoer, as a 3rd Generation Paratrooper. Upon completing his training, he returned to Minnesota to further his education at Winona State University, studying Business Administration and Human Resources. He later deployed to Kuwait from September 2018 to July 2019 with the 34th Infantry Division DHHB G3 Air, deconflicting airspace throughout the Middle East in Operation Spartan Shield. During deployment, he earned a facility rating at Patton Army Heliport and completed Air Assault School. Returning from deployment, he made an Active Guard Reserve position at the MN Recruiting and Retention Battalion in 2019. From October 2021 to September 2022, he was awarded the Chief’s 54 as the top production recruiter in southern Minnesota while also getting Rookie of the Year. SSG DeBoer currently resides in Farmington, MN with his Fiancé.

SSG DeBoer